Do you live in Syosset, New York, and have old furniture or appliances occupying space? Get the best junk removal services with Undercut Junk Removal. Our professionals know how to get rid of unused items quickly with our prompt and professional service while keeping your price as low as possible. Our team pairs reliable yet affordable junk removal services with added benefits. Donating and recycling when we can, you'll love having less worry about junk piling onto shelves! Contact us now at 516-317-6203 for a free price estimate to help put valuable space back into your home. With Undercut Junk Removal on your side, you won't regret making this decision!

Construction Debris Removal in Syosset New York

No one enjoys turning their home into a construction site. Dealing with the resulting mess –Refuse, rubble, and debris – afterward is an integral part of any renovation or construction project in Syosset, New York.However, removing these active reminders of a hard day’s work shouldn’t stress you out further – Undercut Junk Removal takes care of the aftermath for you. Our comprehensive removal services incorporate a focus on sustainable recycling, making sure your space is returned to its original condition and all rubbish from each job is correctly discarded according to regulations.So if you’re feeling overwhelmed amid a big task and need assistance with your post-construction cleanup, don’t hesitate to contact Undercut Junk Removal today to get an exceptional service that meets all your construction debris removal needs Syosset: (516) 317-6203. Push forward with peace of mind, far away from worrying about leftovers!

Furniture Removal in Syosset New York

Are you in need of furniture removal services in Syosset, New York? Look no further than Undercut Junk Removal! We offer comprehensive services that dispose of single pieces to entire furniture sets. Sometimes there is a need to rid your space of outdated fixtures, and our expert team can easily handle any task.How quickly we carry out the task makes us different, typically causing no disturbance whatsoever to your space. Then there are our green recycling programs that make sure items are disposed of correctly and without risk to the environment.If this inspires confidence, call us at 516-317-6203 for more information or to schedule an obligation-free assessment today!

Bulky Item Pickup in Syosset New York

Are you dealing with burdensome, large items such as furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, or hot tubs? If this is the case, Undercut Junk Removal offers a perfect solution. Effectively clear some space in your house with our convenient Syosset, New York Bulky Item Pickup service. Let us help lift the burden of disposing of large, heavy items away from you.Take back control over your living space and allow yourself to relax and unwind! We make it easy: reach us at 516-317-6203 for details about our services. Get in touch now so that we can begin to create the comfortable abode that you truly deserve.

Hot Tub Removal in Syosset New York

Are you dreaming of getting rid of your old hot tub? Undercut Junk Removal has the call to answer. Our experienced Hot Tub Removal service proudly serves Syosset, New York, and beyond! From start to finish, we'll carry out the task with ease -- our proficient team will arrive at your abode and dispose of your hot tub responsibly. We won't let any mess being left behind, either; when we're done, everything shall be just as clean as when we arrived. Now's the time to make a move -- equip us today for all your Junk Removal needs! Call us at 516-317-6203 to find out more information or book the proper appointment. Undercut is delighted to discard your peculiar junks so you can move pucker on with relaxation!

Debris Removal in Syosset New York

Do you need a reliable and eco-friendly Debris Removal service in Syosset, New York? Look no further—Undercut Junk Removal is at your service! Not only are our highly trained and experienced staff available onsite to do the loading and hauling away, but we are also sure to clean up the collection area after. From smaller items such as construction debris or yard waste to larger pieces like appliances and furniture, no job is too big or small for us to handle. And keeping with our mission of preserving the environment — our team professionally sorts through debris materials for any possible recycling component. We also stay fully licensed and insured to provide complete customer satisfaction. Call us today at 516-317-6203 for more information or a free estimate.

Appliance Removal in Syosset New York

Do you need help with outdated appliances taking up space? Outdated appliances like an old refrigerator collecting dust in the garage or a washer that's seen better days can present a seemingly impossible task to get rid of. Let Undercut Junk Removal make your mission possible with our appliance removal services in Syosset, New York. All it takes is a call at 516-317-6203, and we can take care of the rest! We will handle the entire process from start to finish, from picking up the appliance from your residence or business address and disposing thereof in line with environmental regulations for eco-friendly disposal. What are you waiting for? Don't let unwanted appliances hold back your progress any longer — give us a call!

Carpet Removal in Syosset New York

Are your carpets worn and unsightly, creating an eyesore in your home or office? Look no further; Undercut Junk Removal has the perfect solution. We proudly provide carpet removal service in Syosset, New York! Our experienced team members come prepared to tackle whatever tough job awaits. No need to worry about any leftover debris and crushed material– we will ensure that every bit of it is properly removed and never left behind. An additional bonus of our services is that we strive for eco-friendly and sustainable practices whenever possible. We value recycling wherever we can– even in carpet removal! So don’t let worn flooring give you a headache any longer! Contact Undercut Junk Removal today at 516–317–6203 for a fast and efficient carpet removal solution.


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Syosset NY


Need help with an enormous cleanout task? Have no fear — Undercut Junk Removal is here to help! As the go-to junk removal service in Syosset, New York, we’ve got years of experience in executing successful cleanouts on home and business owners of all sizes — from senior downsizing to foreclosures. Our team can also handle special services such as recycling or donations. Nothing is too hard for us! You can trust us with any tough job as we provide reliable junk pickup that always puts our customers first. To get a free quote and start toward beautiful clutter-free spaces, just ring us at 516-317-6203 today!

Estate Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Losing a loved one is hard, and cleaning up their estate can be daunting. To help relieve your stress, Undercut Junk Removal is here for you and offers the best products for Estate Cleanouts in Syosset, New York. We provide professional services, including junk removal and disposal of furniture and debris, to make this process easier for you in your grief. Our team understands how difficult it is to deal with this delicate matter to provide support in every way possible. Not only do we support you in Syosset, but our junk removals, hoardings, and office cleanout services also allow us to help around all the land no matter the situation. Make sure to reach out to us at 516-317-6203 if you have any queries or need help throwing out old furniture. We wish you strength during this time; please don't hesitate to contact us!

Office Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

When your office starts becoming cluttered and messy, it may be time for an Office Cleanout. Don't worry-- Undercut Junk Removal is here to help! This great business offers its brilliant services in Syosset, New York. Our mission with every cleanout is to address our customer's unique needs so that you can get the help that meets your requirements. We'll work quickly and efficiently, ensuring all residuals are wiped or vacuumed and all discarded or old items are taken away correctly. Our goal is to provide the returned clutter, and junk that stays out of sight and thought, freeing up space and giving you peace of mind to stay focused on what matters: running your business! Looking forward to restoring order in your office? Then Undercut Junk Removal is the right choice— satisfying their customers has been our priority!

Garage Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Are you concerned about your overflowing garage? It's not uncommon for garages to become a catch-all for household items that don't fit inside the home. Before long, these spaces can quickly become disorganized and cluttered, making them tough to navigate. Fortunately, Undercut Junk Removal specializes in providing Garage Cleanout services in Syosset, NY! At Undercut Junk Removal, we understand how difficult parting with cherished belongings can be and certainly don’t take it lightly. That’s why we go the extra mile customizing donation services when requested by clients and doing our best to accommodate those requests compassionately.

Basement Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Over time, it can be too easy for your basement to become cluttered and disorganized. Need help reclaiming this valuable space? Undercut Junk Removal is here to help make the process stress-free and affordable! When you hire our team in Syosset, New York, we will sort through your furniture, holiday decorations, and anything else gathering dust—we even come equipped with additional demolition services should a renovation be discussed. Contact us today and take advantage of our free in-home estimates—call us at 516-317-6203. Don't hesitate—to let us transform your space today!

Attic Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Do you have an attic overflowing with items from days long past? From old furniture to boxes of old memorabilia, there could be any number of dusty treasures crowded up that nobody can see. If it's time for your attic to undergo a significant transformation, Undercut Junk Removal is here to help. We specialize in Attic Cleanouts all over the Syosset, New York area and guarantee quality service from start to finish. Whether hauling away bulky furniture or decommissioning old insulation taking up too much space, our practices prioritize customer satisfaction no matter how big or small the job may be– so don't hesitate to ask us what we can do for you! Call us today at 516-317-6203 if you need an Attic Cleanout in Syosset, NY, and let us show you how we help make claustrophobic attics a thing of the past. With Undercut Junk Removal on your side, we guarantee your attic will be pristine and clutter-free in no time!

Hoarding Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Has sorting out your beloved stuff become one daunting project in your Syosset, New York home? We understand the difficulty and struggles you might be enduring under such conditions. Don't worry; Undercut Junk Removal has got you covered! With our qualified and knowledgeable crew, we provided prominent and trained Hoarding Cleanouts for households in the larger area. Our folks perceive that releasing possessions isn’t a straightforward chore for individuals with hoarding. So, we pledge to make this duty as easy, low-pressure, and comfortable as possible. Our experts will aid you in establishing what to keep, offer or discard; then we'll get on the nitty gritty to manage those operations entirely on your part. 

Commercial Clean-Outs in Syosset New York

Here at Undercut Junk Removal, we serve Syosset, NY, the best when it comes to commercial cleanouts. Our experienced and professional team is based in our local headquarters, but we have expanded our services to the surrounding areas. We can complete any size job promptly – not needing to interfere with your regular business operations for any extended period! We're familiar with all kinds of cleanout needs, ranging from office furniture and equipment removal up to excavation and construction debris cleanouts. Don't wait too long – if your business in Syosset needs expert cleanout services, call us today at 516-317-6203!

Home Cleanout in Syosset New York

Home Cleanouts can be a complex undertaking, especially with accumulated items. Don't fret! We at Undercut Junk Removal know how it feels and are here to help! Offering Home Cleanouts in the Syosset, New York area, we'll do all of the hard work for you – from lifting to loading your unwanted items. Not only will you get a thorough and efficient job from us every time, but there's a bonus – we tidy up too! Let us handle your clutter today so that you can return to enjoying a neat and healthy home without any extra stress. The easiest thing you can do is call 516-317-6203 to set up a Home Cleanout with more convenience than before; cleanup has never been this trouble-free!

Apartment Cleanout in Syosset New York

Are you moving out of your apartment in Syosset, New York? Don't let the hassle of tidying up keep you from a smooth transition. Undercut Junk Removal has your back so you can focus on the more critical aspects of your upcoming relocation. We specialize in Apartment Cleanout services backed with many years of expertise — whether a small studio apartment or a large penthouse! Saying goodbye to an old home is already full of struggles, and Undercut Junk Removal can help ease this process. Let our exceptional team try to make your moving journey as least burdensome as possible. For more information or reservation requests regarding Apartment Cleanout in Syosset, call us at 516-317-6203 today – we’ll sort everything out for you!

Foreclosure Cleanout in Syosset New York

Experiencing home foreclosure is a complex process that no one ever wants to think about – however, it is becoming increasingly more common. We understand how challenging this situation can be at Undercut Junk Removal, so we offer specialized Foreclosure Cleanouts in Syosset, New York, and the surrounding areas. Our services involve physically digging in and taking on some of the hard labor – from heavy lifting and debris removal to hauling away yard waste or throwing out old furniture. We pledge to make this process easier for you and your family during an already fraught time by providing exemplary care for every job we undertake. When agitating circumstances try to tear you down, our team is here to make sure cleanup goes off without a hitch and relieve some of the extra strain associated with navigating home foreclosure.

HOA Cleanout in Syosset New York

Homeowners know that it can require a lot of work to keep the exterior of their property in good condition. You must worry about mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, dealing with leaves and twigs, and any other debris piling up on the property. Especially if you have a large garden area or live in an HOA community, this task can feel rather scary. Undercut Junk Removal is familiar with homeowners' numerous difficulties maintaining their Syosset, New York properties. Therefore we offer our exceptional HOA Cleanout service: Our experienced personnel will come over and quickly take away all residues or buildups from your driveways and other potentially problematic areas. As an alternative or additional desirable service, power washing for taking away buildups from walkways and outdoors can be done as well. By utilizing our services, you get reliable help to keep your outdoor spaces tidy, giving you more peace and trustworthiness so that you can enjoy being there! Take the first steps today by contacting us at 516-317-6203 to learn further details about our top-notch services!


Are you living in or remodeling a home in Syosset, New York? Moving from the outdated to the updated often comes with accompanying debris. That debris could include drywall, lumber, or cabinets, among other items. At Undercut Junk Removal, we know how difficult this seemingly daunting chore may be and provide special light demolition services tailored to your needs. No job is too small for our outstanding team; whether it be tearing out an older bathroom to demolishing an old decking off the back of your home, we can do it with precision and grace. We handle our removal process extensively and only add waste that cannot be reused or recycled into landfills. Our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and protecting legacy has helped shape our services around what is necessary to ensure a job well done!

Deck Removal in Syosset New York

As spring approaches, it's time to refresh your outdoor space. But how do you get rid of your old deck? Fortunately, the experts at Undercut Junk Removal in Syosset, New York, are here to help! We provide comprehensive deck removal services, no matter how large your project may be. Our team will come straight to your house and safely remove the entire structure piece by piece. Then we'll take care of the disposal of any excess materials and debris for you so all you’ll be left with is a fresh start. You'll also get an exact quote for our services after a free phone consultation – all it takes is a call or text message to 516-317-6203, and we can get started immediately.

Fence Removal in Syosset New York

Removing an old fence can be a laborious and time-consuming task. It takes patience to dissemble wooden pieces, but carting off the boards and posts can also be backbreaking. UnderCut Junk Removal is the answer to take care of that difficult job for you. We are a professional Fence Removal company offering our services to Syosset, New York, and its surrounding towns. Let us do all the heavy lifting while you save time and energy on more essential matters. Contact us today at 516-317-6203 for a free consultation, assistance, and advice. Trust our experienced team so you do not need to stress over any removal process. With us taking over, you only need to relax and enjoy the rest of your day!

Shed Removal in Syosset New York

Sheds left unattended can become an eyesore and create a terrible safety environment. If you live in Syosset, New York, Undercut Junk Removal has the perfect solution. Our team of licensed and insured professionals has years of experience in safe and reliable shed removals. We make sure that your Pricey Removals are done quickly and at price unparalleled affordability! Our Shed Removal services include debris removal services, meaning one package and one cost for complete removal. Don’t needlessly worry about price or safety; call our customer care line today at 516-317-6203 or visit our website for a complimentary quote for your service needs.

Swing Set Removal in Syosset New York

Is the old swing set sitting in your backyard not appealing these days? Don't worry, Undercut Junk Removal has got you covered! Our reliable swing set removal services cater to Syosset, New York, property owners, and beyond. The team will come over and expertly disassemble the swing set before taking it away — all while leaving your property with a clean slate so you can start fresh! Whether your kids have outgrown the swing set or aren't fond of looking at it while enjoying the outdoors, our pro team can free up that space quickly and easily. Contact us today with any questions or schedule a free consultation by dialing 516-317-6203 for premium quality results. Start fresh and say goodbye to your swing set woes for good!

Above-Ground Pool Removal in Syosset New York

Are you looking to cool off during the summer months in your backyard? An above-ground pool would sure be a great addition! However, sometimes to close or move it, things can start to appear overwhelming, not to mention the strain of figuring out how to get rid of pool items. Undercut Junk Removal understands that moving pools requires a lot, so we invested in a vital role: providing highly efficient and cost-effective Above Ground Pool Removal services in Syosset, New York. Our skilled professionals will finish the task with minimal disruption or difficulties from other aspects of the property. Worry not, though— our services aren't exclusive to pool removal! We offer a range of junk removal possibilities that’ll make your life much easier– this way, you don’t compromise your precious free time. Call us at 516-317-6203 to discuss more details about our services and book an appointment obligation-free!

Bathrooms Removal in Syosset New York

Say goodbye to dilapidated bathrooms! Undercut Junk Removal is here to lend a hand. We provide top-quality bathroom demolition services for all of Syosset, New York, and the surrounding area – no job too big or small for our experienced professionals. Whether you've been holding it together with duct tape or starting from the ground up, our tailor-made plans promise efficient and cost-effective project handling. No messy projects? No problem – Undercut Junk Removal is up for any challenge. Get in touch today at 516-317-6203 to learn more about how we can help you transform any gray bathroom into its charmful glory. Make way for convenience, beauty, and serenity — call Undercut Junk Removal now!


Primary Service Areas:

We serve all of Long Island, New York with our professional junk hauling service.

Asked Questions

What areas do you service?
Undercut Junk Removal proudly covers all of Long Island. We service both Nassau & Suffolk counties.
How much does it cost to haul away my junk?
Our fees depend on several factors including the size and number of rooms, as well as the types of material we need to haul away. Costs can also vary, depending on whether you have a few boxes of clutter, or a room full of construction debris. Feel free to call 516-317-6203 for an estimate.
Is there any work I would have to do during the cleanup and removal process?
No. Our staff handles all of the physical work for you. Our goal is to put you at ease during the entire process.
What happens to my junk once you’ve hauled it away?
We dispose of all junk and debris in an eco-friendly manner. If there are items that we feel can be salvaged, we donate them to various churches and organizations.
Are you a moving company?
No. However, we can assist in the moving process by removing any and all items that you don’t plan to take with you.
Do you offer dumpster rental services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer dumpster rental services at this time.
Do you offer storage unit cleanout services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer dumpster rental services at this time.
What are your available hours of operation?
We’re available 7 days a week, from 7am to 11pm.

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