Glen Cove is a beautiful village in Nassau County, just outside New York City. At 28,187 people, this busy little suburb offers residents a unique experience compared to other suburbs all over the tri-state area. Living in Glen Cove means immersing yourself in a quiet and dense suburban vibe– most locals own their homes rather than rent them! From young professionals just beginning their journey to retirees looking for someplace quiet with all the comforts, Glen Cove is known as one of the friendliest and most accepting communities anywhere. Local public schools shine above the rest– Glen Cove kids striving higher than others!  Learn Why You Should Hire a Junk Removal Company in Glen Cove, NY, with Undercut Junk Removal


Glen Cove NY



Are you wondering what to do with your home's old furniture, appliances, debris, and yard waste? Do the items you used to need and use take up valuable space? Are you based in Glen Cove, New York, and looking for reliable junk removal services?
Look no further than Undercut Junk Removal. Our prompt, professional service will help keep your shelves safer and your price low. We have experts who know how to get rid of junk quickly & responsibly. Plus, we provide a bonus by donating and recycling as much as possible so you can trust us. So don't hesitate! Contact us today at 516-317-6203 for a free price estimate and set up a date for our professional junk removal service. You won't be sorry with Undercut Junk Removal on your side!

Construction Debris Removal in Glen Cove, New York

No one likes the mess that comes with a home renovation or construction project – but construction debris removal is a necessary, inevitable part of the process. If you are considering a renovation or construction task within Glen Cove, New York, finding the right company for the job is essential. Undercut Junk Removal provides comprehensive construction debris removal services to suit your Glen Cove needs, including refuse, rubble, and debris remediation. We are committed to ensuring your site achieves its original condition while recycling all debris taken from the location. Reach out today at 516-317-6203 to find out how we can make sure your construction project runs seamlessly and swiftly with no refuse cluttering up your space. With our expert Construction Debris Removal services in Glen Cove, New York, you can do the job correctly and efficiently!

Furniture Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Do you need furniture removal services in Glen Cove, New York? Undercut Junk Removal has got you covered. Our services range from disposing of single pieces to entire furniture sets. We understand that sometimes there’s a need to take outdated fixtures, and we are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Not only that, our experts ensure that unwanted furniture is removed promptly and without causing any disturbance, eventually giving your space the routine edge it deserves. What's more interesting is our recycling services for specific items; as a result, you can have peace of mind knowing your fixtures are properly disposed of without any environmental damage. If this piques your interest, inquire at 516-317-6203 or schedule an obligation-free assessment with us!

Bulky Item Pickup in Glen Cove, New York

Are you trying to deal with bulky items, such as furniture, mattress, refrigerator, or hot tub? If so, Undercut Junk Removal has the perfect solution for you! With Bulky Item Pickup in Glen Cove, New York, we can help make room in your home by hauling away your large items. Release yourself from the burden of disposing of these items and use our convenient service. 
Eliminate stress and reclaim your valuable space now. We make it easy: contact us at 516-317-6203 to learn more about our Bulky Item Pickup services. Together let's create a home that you can truly call yours again.

Hot Tub Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Are you ready to get rid of your old hot tub? If so, Undercut Junk Removal has the perfect solution! We proudly offer a hassle-free Hot Tub Removal service in Glen Cove, New York. Our experienced team will take care of everything from start to finish. We'll arrive at your home or business and remove the hot tub, carrying it away and disposing it properly. And don't worry about any mess lagging! We ensure that all our work areas are as clean as when we found them so you can return to your day without lifting a finger. To find out more or make a booking, just call us at 516-317-6203. Let Undercut take care of all your Junk Removal needs today!

Debris Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Are you seeking a reliable Debris Removal service in Glen Cove, New York? Undercut Junk Removal is here to offer what you need! We provide a wide range of debris removal services, from small items like construction debris and yard waste to large items like appliances and furniture. Plus, we offer the convenience of having our highly trained and experienced staff come out on-site to do the loading and hauling away. We care not only about the job but also about eco-friendly practices, which include sorting and recycling any appropriate materials. We are also sure to always clean up debris areas after removal. We stay fully licensed and insured, so you can trust us with your debris removal needs—no job is too big or too small! Reach out today at 516-317-6203 for more details or a free estimate.

Appliance Removal in Glen Cove, New York York

You're not alone in having one or two forgotten appliances taking up space. It could be an old refrigerator hiding in your garage, a long-forgotten washing machine that's seen better days, or any other appliance. Whatever it is, getting rid of it might seem like mission impossible. That's where Undercut Junk Removal comes in to help! We offer appliance removal services in Glen Cove, New York, and make sure that even when disposing of your unwanted appliance, its environmental impact is minimized as much as possible. All you have to do is call us at 516-317-6203, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll come onsite to the location of your choice –home or business address– pick up the appliance, and bring it away, paying attention to regulations related to eco-friendly removal. Getting rid of no longer necessary appliances has never been easier than with our help!

Carpet Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Undercut Junk Removal is proud to offer carpet removal service in Glen Cove, New York, for those looking for a hassle-free way to rid their home or office of worn-cut flooring. Our experienced team will come and do all the hard work required to dispose of old carpets properly while ensuring that any leftover debris belonging to the carpet is cleared away. Plus, our eco-conscious methods mean we are dedicated to recycling where possible. So when your old carpets become an eyesore, call Undercut Junk Removal today at 516–317–6203 for a fast and easy solution!


Cleaning a house, garage, or other space can be daunting. There's always more clutter than you realize, and it can be hard to know where to start. That's where Undercut Junk Removal comes in. We offer professional Clean Out services in Freeport, New York. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you and ensure that your space is clean and clutter-free. So if you're feeling overwhelmed by a messy space, give Undercut Junk Removal a call at 516-317-6203. We'll be happy to help you get your life back in order.

Estate Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

At a time like this, we understand how terrible it can be to grieve the loss of a loved one and figure out what to do with their belongings and estate. Allow Undercut Junk Removal to lift some of that burden by providing our professional services. We'll handle sorting belongings and disposing of furniture and debris — so you won't have to worry about it.
Plus, we are committed to making this process more manageable for you during this difficult time. On top of Estate Cleanouts in Glen Cove, New York —our junk removal, hoarding, and office cleanouts assist you no matter your situation. Contact us today at 516-317-6203 for any furniture throwing needed or questions answered about estate cleanouts.

Office Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

When your office starts to become cluttered and messy, it may be time for an Office Cleanout. Fortunately, Undercut Junk Removal specializes in this service in Glen Cove, New York. Our goal is to remove all possible junk and clutter so you no longer have to worry, and so you can stay focused on running your business. We made it our mission to recognize that different businesses have unique demands. Thus we promise to do everything we can to support you with a plan that meets those needs. This could include categorizing items and sorting them according to priority; wiping or vacuuming up residues; rejecting or taking away junk whose importance has already expired; executing the strategy configured with minimal interference. Looking to achieve an organized office space once again? Undercut Junk Removal will meet all of your requirements in this regard. Reach us today at 516-317-6203 to inquire about more information so we can provide a free quote!

Garage Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

Having your garage become a catch-all for items that don't fit inside your house can threaten to take over in a short amount of time. Cluttered and disorganized, the space can be challenging to navigate. Knowing this situation, Undercut Junk Removal offers Garage Cleanout services in Glen Cove, New York, helping people organize their garages. Undercut Junk Removal works with customers to carefully sort and haul away unwanted items while maintaining a respectful presence. Sometimes, parting with cherished belongings is difficult, so we provide customized donation services and compassionately accommodate requests to donate items you no longer need or use. Now more than ever, reclaim control of your garage from clutter and chaos with Undercut Junk Removal! To take the first step towards decluttering your garage, schedule a free consultation by calling us at 516-317-6203.

Basement Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

Basements can often become cluttered from years of collecting. Cleanouts to reclaim valuable space can feel overwhelming without professional help, from furniture to holiday decorations and other items. Undercut Junk Removal is here for you during basement cleanout projects in Glen Cove, New York, offering our services at an affordable rate to make the process easier. Not only do we sort through your belongings, but removing anything no longer in use is easy and efficient with our team. We also have additional demolition services available if renovations to the basement have been discussed. A free estimate should be taken advantage of-- call us today at 516-317-6203!

Attic Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

Do you have an attic filled with old boxes, furniture, and clutter? It may be time to enlist help from the professionals at Undercut Junk Removal. We are dedicated to providing quality service for customers searching for Attic Cleanouts in Glen Cove, New York. From hauling away bulky furniture and boxes to removing old insulation or other material taking up space, we will do the work for you so your attic is clean and clear! Our services prioritize customer satisfaction over all else– so don't hesitate to reach out. Call us today at 516-317-6203 if you need an Attic Cleanout in Glen Cove, NY. With our help, your attic can be free of clutter in no time!

Hoarding Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

Feeling overwhelmed by the tidying up necessary in your Glen Cove, New York home? We understand what you may be dealing with when clearing out your space. Undercut Junk Removal is here to help. Our professional and experienced team offers specialized Hoarding Cleanouts for homes throughout the greater region. We know that parting with possessions is only sometimes easy for people with hoarding issues. Our team is dedicated to making the process as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible. We'll help you identify what needs to be kept, donated, or disposed of -- then we'll do all of the heavy lifting to facilitate these processes on your behalf separately. Call us today at 516-317-6203 so we can set up a free consultation with one of our team members presently available in Glen Cove and its surrounding area. Your home deserves organized breathing room – let’s start the journey together!

Commercial Clean-Outs in Glen Cove, New York

Nobody serves Glen Cove, New York, better than Undercut Junk Removal regarding commercial cleanouts. Our experienced professional team is based in our local headquarters and has expanded to serve the surrounding areas. We can complete any job, no matter how big or small, promptly, only let business operations be interfered with for a short time. Be it office furniture and equipment to excavation and construction debris, it is easy for us to take on! So get started; if your Glen Cove business needs expert commercial cleanout services, call us at 516-317-6203 immediately!

Home Cleanout in Glen Cove, New York

Home cleanouts can be a formidable process, especially when there's much to eliminate. Undercut Junk Removal understands so we offer Home Cleanouts in the Glen Cove, New York area. Let us take care of everything; we'll do all the hard lifting and loading, plus tidy up once we're finished! We promise an efficient and thorough job every time, so you can continue enjoying a neat and healthy home without all the added stress. Take the easy route by calling us at 516-317-6203 to schedule a home cleanout today – with Undercut Junk Removal around; cleanup has never been more straightforward!

Apartment Cleanout in Glen Cove, New York

If you're leaving an apartment in Glen Cove, New York, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning it up before handing over the keys. With tidying up, you may avoid losing your security deposit. Luckily, Undercut Junk Removal can take this burden off your shoulders. We provide exceptional Apartment Cleanout services for all stages of a move — from a minimal studio apartment to a spacious three-bedroom one. No matter how demanding the task is, we offer our best to make your relocation as carefree and undemanding as possible. For more information or requests related to Apartment Cleanout services in Glen Cove, New York, call us at 516-317-6203 and let us take care of this process.

Foreclosure Cleanout in Glen Cove, New York

No one ever wants to think about their home being foreclosed, but it's unfortunately quite common. If it happens to you and your family, Undercut Junk Removal can remove some of the extra stress during a difficult time. We provide Foreclosure Cleanouts in Glen Cove, New York, and beyond – our team understands easier than anyone how uprooting your entire house can feel daunting. Our services include heavy lifting, hauling away debris, trash removal, and throwing out furniture so that the property is well-cleaned and ready for new owners. We want to help relieve this added burden and give you more peace of mind. For every tough individual cleanout job, our mission is to prioritize care, ensuring painless coordination with ease. Don't hesitate to contact us today at 516-317-6203 so we can do fast work of whatever comes into play for you! Our friendly team aims to do everything possible when helping you have the spotless foreclosure experience you'll need to push through such a trying time.

HOA Cleanout in Glen Cove, New York

Homeowners know that it can require a lot of work to keep the exterior of their property in good condition. You must worry about mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, dealing with leaves and twigs, and any other debris piling up on the property. Especially if you have a large garden area or live in an HOA community, this task can feel rather scary. Undercut Junk Removal is familiar with homeowners' numerous difficulties maintaining their Glen Cove, New York properties. Therefore we offer our special HOA Cleanout service: Our experienced personnel will come over and quickly take away all residues or buildups from your driveways and other potentially problematic areas. As an alternative or additional desirable service, power washing for taking away buildups from walkways and outdoors can be done as well. By utilizing our services, you get reliable help to keep your outdoor spaces tidy, giving you more peace and trustworthiness so that you can enjoy being there! Take the first steps today by contacting us at 516-317-6203 to learn further details about our top-notch services!


Are you planning a remodeling project in Glen Cove, New York? As any homeowner or business owner knows, small remodeling projects often generate large amounts of debris, such as drywall, lumber, and cabinets. Undercut Junk Removal removes all the debris quickly and conveniently when you finish your project. We offer special light demolition services tailored to tackle difficult remodeling jobs! Every job is manageable for our team; whether removing an entire bathroom or tearing down an old deck, we have the experience and know-how to make these messy tasks easier. Furthermore, we proudly reuse and recycle wherever possible, so you don't have to worry about your junk ending up in a landfill. Eliminate the hassle of disposing of large amounts of trash associated with remolding. Call us now at 516-317-6203 and book your appointment today!

Deck Removal in Glen Cove, New York

If you're getting ready to refresh your outdoor space this spring, you may wonder how to remove your old deck. Fortunately, Undercut Junk Removal in Glen Cove, New York, is here to help! We offer deck removal services, so no matter the size of your project, we've got you covered.
We will come to your home and remove the whole thing safely, then clean up the debris afterward so you're left with a blank slate. The best part? We can give you a free consultation and provide a quote right away. You don't need to worry about cleanup or disposal – just call 516-317-6203 and let us take care of it all for you!

Fence Removal in Glen Cove, New York

If you need to remove an old fence, you know it will be challenging. From disassembling the wood pieces to carting off the boards and posts, it can be backbreaking work that takes much of your precious time and energy. Undercut Junk Removal is here to rescue you! We offer professional Fence Removal services in Glen Cove, New York. Plus, with us doing all of the heavy lifting for you, you can take a sigh of relief and use your time for the more essential things in life. Contact us today at 516-317-6203 for a free consultation. Trust our experienced team to handle it all, so you don't have to worry about any part of the removal process!

Shed Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Sheds may not only be unpleasant to look at when neglected but also can cause unnecessary safety risks. At Undercut Junk Removal in Glen Cove, New York, you can remove those unwanted eyesores quickly and with great affordability. Our safe and reliable team of professionals is licensed and insured, so you won’t have to worry about whether the job is done right. Moreover, we provide complete debris removal services included in one inexpensive package. Call our customer care line today at 516-317-6203 or visit our website for a complimentary quote for your Shed Removal service!

Swing Set Removal in Freeport, New York

Do you need to get rid of your old swing set sitting in your backyard? Undercut Junk Removal can help you with its reliable swing set removal services in Glen Cover, New York. We will come over to remove and disassemble your swing set, then haul it away while cleaning up the area and leaving you with a clean slate to start fresh. Whether your kids have outgrown the swing set or you are fed up with looking at it while spending time outside in the backyard, we can make sure it is gone soon. Contact our team today and schedule a free consultation by dialing 516-317-6203 for superior quality services.

Above-Ground Pool Removal in Glen Cove, New York

If you want to cool off and relax in your backyard during the summer, look no further than an above-ground pool! But when it comes time to close or move your pool, the process can seem daunting. That's where Undercut Junk Removal comes in. We provide efficient and affordable Above Ground Pool Removal in Glen Cove, New York, that can remove the hassle of moving or closing your pool. Our team of experienced professionals will get the job done quickly with very little disruption to your property around it. Furthermore, our junk removal services are not just limited to pools; we offer a wide range of junk removal services so you can get your unwanted items taken away in one go! Contact us at 516-317-6203 for more information about our services and to schedule a free consultation.

Bathrooms Removal in Glen Cove, New York

Undercut Junk Removal, serving Glen Cove, New York, and the surrounding area, offers top-quality Bathroom Demolition services. At Undercut Junk Removal, our experienced professionals are experts in any size bathroom demolition, making sure yours is done right. We'll work with you to develop a plan tailored to your needs and budget – while caring for your home. Messy and complicated projects? No problem. Undercut Junk Removal is up for the challenge! Contact us today at 516-317-6203 to learn more about our Bathroom Demolition service in Glen Cove, New York.


Primary Service Areas:

We serve all of Long Island, New York with our professional junk hauling service.

Asked Questions

What areas do you service?
Undercut Junk Removal proudly covers all of Long Island. We service both Nassau & Suffolk counties.
How much does it cost to haul away my junk?
Our fees depend on several factors including the size and number of rooms, as well as the types of material we need to haul away. Costs can also vary, depending on whether you have a few boxes of clutter, or a room full of construction debris. Feel free to call 516-317-6203 for an estimate.
Is there any work I would have to do during the cleanup and removal process?
No. Our staff handles all of the physical work for you. Our goal is to put you at ease during the entire process.
What happens to my junk once you’ve hauled it away?
We dispose of all junk and debris in an eco-friendly manner. If there are items that we feel can be salvaged, we donate them to various churches and organizations.
Are you a moving company?
No. However, we can assist in the moving process by removing any and all items that you don’t plan to take with you.
Do you offer dumpster rental services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer dumpster rental services at this time.
Do you offer storage unit cleanout services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer dumpster rental services at this time.
What are your available hours of operation?
We’re available 7 days a week, from 7am to 11pm.

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