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We don't cut corners We cut costs! We take every precaution to ensure you and your family´s safety during your junk removal.

Environment Friendly

Undercut Junk Removal cares about the Earth and the environment. We recycle, donate and dispose of all junk and waste in the proper fashion.


Whether you are remodeling your space and need to dispose of your pool or hot tub, hiring a professional company like Undercut Junk Removal is your best bet for a hassle-free experience.

Support Local

We proudly invest in customers, charitable organizations, local and global communities to better influence and create the world we want to live in today for tomorrow.

Environment Friendly

Undercut Junk Removal cares about the Earth and the environment. We recycle, donate and dispose of all junk and waste in the proper fashion.
We Recycle All items that can be recycled will be. This includes metals, plastics, glass and wood. We donate items that are still in good condition will be donated to local charities. This includes clothes, furniture, appliances and more. We Dispose All items that cannot be recycled or donated will be disposed of in the proper fashion. This includes hazardous materials, e-waste and more. Fast and Efficient Service • We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer fast and efficient service that will save you time and hassle. We will come to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you and remove all the junk and waste quickly and efficiently.

We’re available
7 days a week

junk appliances

Appliance Removal

We safely remove appliances from your property in Freeport, NY. We pick up all of your items including air conditioners, dishwashers, washers/dryers, refrigerators, stoves/ovens, water heaters and much more. 

Carpet Removal

Carpets, rugs and runners can be potential breeding grounds for dust, mold and bacteria. They can also be a home for many tiny insects invisible to the naked eye. Getting rid of these items can prevent allergies, sickness or unwanted infestations.
man lifting log

Construction Debris Removal

We eliminate the need for a dumpster rental and the hassle that comes along with it. In order to obtain a dumpster, you would need to see your local governmental city agency for all the proper permits.
Family picture

Furniture Removal

We will haul away any furniture taking up extra space in your home. This includes sofas, sofabeds, easy chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, dining sets, armoires, bureaus, dressers, old bedroom sets and much more.

Estate Clean-Outs

We realize that the loss of a loved one, sudden or otherwise, is never easy. We provide estate cleanout services to Long Island residents and will discreetly and professionally carry out your request during your difficult time.

Hoarding Cleanup

Boxes full of books, magazines or newspapers can be a fire hazard. Cleaning out the home of a hoarder is a difficult task that requires effective planning, detailed execution, and the right equipment. We will get the job done and the end result will be a clean, safe and clutter-free home.
Above Ground Pool

Pool/Hot Tub Removal

We remove broken pools, hot tubs, hot tub supplies, pool supplies, patio furniture, children’s playground equipment or any backyard/patio items or furniture you no longer need.
office image

Office Clean-Outs

We remove all office items including chairs, desks or cubicle boards. We also haul away any equipment including computer equipment, copiers, fax machines, coffeemakers, vending machines or water coolers.

Shed Removal

Don’t spend another nice day with a cluttered backyard. We remove sheds, broken deck pieces, BBQ grills, patio furniture or any other backyard/patio items from your property.
happy man

Mattress Removal

Mattresses tend to carry lots of dust, bacteria and mold. They can also be the perfect environment for tiny insects invisible to the naked eye. Getting rid of your old mattress can prevent any future possibility of allergies or sickness.
junk crew removing junk TV

TV/Electronics Removal

Just as it is with furniture, many electronics can be difficult to physically haul out of your home. We take large TV sets, VCRs, disc players, computers or any other electronics you wish to discard.
wood floor remove

Light Demolition

Our Demolition team proudly serves NY with professional and reliable light demolition for your home, business or apartment in the local area. From basic swings set to full sheds demos our team has you covered!

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