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Published: August 12, 2020

It’s Time to Let Go of These 5 Hoarded Items

Have you accumulated a lot of clutter in your house? When things get busy with the kids and work, our homes can understandably get a bit messy. If you’re feeling envious of those beautifully organized homes you see in magazines, remember that getting a tidier space is not unattainable. It’s something you have the power to achieve! You’ll just need to dedicate some time to reorganizing and clearing out old belongings.

Give yourself permission to let go of these household items you don’t need or use:

Clothes that don’t fit or you never wear
When cleaning out your closet, have you ever picked up a shirt you haven’t worn in over a year and put it in the “keep pile?” Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “I’ll wear it eventually!” But let’s be real, you know you won’t.

If you’re holding onto clothes that no longer fit or the kids have outgrown, make a point of keeping a few select sentimental pieces and consider donating the rest. Clearing your closets of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t wear will prevent your home from becoming disorganized.

Obsolete appliances and electronics
Are you guilty of storing dusty, old appliances and electronics from the 1990s that probably don’t even work anymore in your basement or attic? If you think that you’ll need them some day, it’s safe to say that you probably wont.

With so many innovative technologies out there, maybe you’d like to replace your obsolete appliances and electronics. If you’re unsure how to haul away the unwanted and heavy items, think about hiring a junk removal company for some help.

CDs or DVDs you don’t use
Have you taken a liking to streaming services? If you stream all of your music and movies lately, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of CDs and DVDs you’ll never use again. Instead of letting them collect dust, think about giving them away or donating them.

Outdated reading materials
Do you have boxes filled with yellowing newspapers, magazines, and books? Don’t waste space in your home with reading materials you never plan on looking at again. Clear them out and make room for the ones you’ll actually read.

Kitchen gadgets that never leave the cabinet
Have you ever bought a trendy kitchen gadget you just had to try, used it one time, and then stored it away forever? Have you collected an entire cabinet of them? Don’t waste kitchen cabinet and drawer space with gadgets you have no intention of using.

If the amount of hoarded items is overwhelming, consider hiring a junk removal company for assistance. Junk removal companies often donate items to organizations and churches, so just think about how the things you no longer use can help someone in need!

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