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Published: June 17, 2020

How to Help a Hoarder

An estimated 5 million Americans have some level of a hoarding disorder ranging from mild to severe cases. According to the ADAA, they define hoarding as “…the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value.” Most hoarders have trouble getting rid of items due to believed the objects future use or perceived value, or sentimental value. In addition to mental health side effects of hoarding in the more extreme cases, the lack of living space increases the chances of a fire and reduces the ability to escape a fire. Here are 4 steps to take if you’re ready to take on the challenging task of de-hoarding a space:

Provide support and helping hands. In most cases, removing the clutter from someone’s space is an emotional and vulnerable process. Cleaning a hoarder’s collection is a time commitment so make sure to be patient and hire helping hands, if necessary.

Develop list of goals for decluttering the space.
Instead of assuming everything is going to be thrown away, working with the collector to create a list of goals in the space for what they want accomplished is an effective method to maintain progress. If working with a team, a list of goals can also help focus and motivate helpers to complete the mission. Examples of goals to set:
– Clearing a specific room/area
– Clear the house
– Remove specific clutter (excess magazines, books, CDs, etc.)
– Clear a path through a space
Create a cleaning and organizing game plan. Similar to setting decluttering goals, it may help drafting an organizing action plan to keep everything as organized as possible. Choose what rooms will be cleared first, set locations for different piles, who will be helping with certain projects, and decide what tools you need to accomplish your previously set goals.
Determine your strategy for removal. Now that the plan is to remove the waste is all set, how do you get rid of all of the clutter? Experienced cleanup professionals can help ease the process to a stress and clutter-free environment. Professional companies like Undercut Junk Removal are available to help. Undercut will take care of donations, disposal, and even reselling items that have value.
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