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Published: December 15, 2020

Allow Yourself to Let Go: Your Belongings Don’t Have Feelings

Like many others, maybe you’ve decided to clean your home while spending a lot of time there during the pandemic. Perhaps you started to delve into untidy boxes in your basement or attic, but realized it’s not simply clutter you’ve been holding onto – it’s a series of sentimental possessions from your childhood or younger years, or maybe even toys from when your children were younger.

You might think to yourself, “How could I possibly part with these things?”

Logically, you know your belongings don’t have feelings, but it’s easy to form an emotional attachment to them – especially when you associate a certain memory with each.

According to the International OCD Foundation, individuals with Hoarding Disorder (HD) often have trouble letting go of objects that are no longer useful due to sentimentality. While most people have difficulty parting with belongings that hold childhood memories or trinkets that belonged to a loved one who passed away, hoarders have extreme difficulty parting with possessions all of the time.

Want to clean your home, but unsure how to let go of sentimental items? Read on for some tips:

1. Keep select items that are truly meaningful.

Some people may feel as though inanimate objects such as stuffed animals, dolls, or books have feelings, which can make it challenging to clean and organize your home.

Deciding which objects to keep and which ones to discard can be tough, but determining which are the most meaningful to you may help. Ask yourself: Does the item hold a special, unique memory?

Avoid keeping belongings simply because you believe they’re too great of a bargain to part with or you plan to use them in the future, but haven’t in years.

If you’re holding onto cards or notes, consider scanning and saving them digitally to help keep your space tidy.

2. It’s all right to get rid of gifts.

Do you have a lot of belongings that were given as gifts, but you’re only keeping them because you feel badly discarding them? Allow yourself to let go of gifts that you no longer need or want without feeling guilty.

3. Donate what you don’t use to those who are less fortunate.

Determine if the stuff you don’t use can be more useful to someone else. Are the items in good condition? Could others get better use out of the toys that are no longer played with?

If the amount of hoarded possessions is overwhelming or you need help clearing out your space, consider hiring a junk removal company for assistance. Junk removal companies often donate what’s removed to churches and organizations – just think about how the things you no loner use can help someone in need.

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