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Published: October 9, 2021

Undercut Junk Removal: What To Do With Old Furniture

Many homeowners have a lot of old furniture that you are unsure what to do with. There are many reasons as to why furniture needs to be retired, including wear and tear, broken pieces, or just revamping the space. This article talks about how to deal with this problem by using six steps.

1. Check the condition of the furniture

The first question to ask when checking the condition of the furniture is 'does the furniture still have purpose' If it doesn't, then it is time to move on. Selling and donating the items to someone else who will find use for them is a great way to get rid of the item!

If the answer is no and there's nothing wrong with the piece of furniture (it's still in good shape), then keep the furniture for a little while longer.

2. Sell or donate the old furniture

There are many places now that make it very easy to sell furniture. Some examples are Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or the local thrift store.

Selling furniture on Craigslist is great because there are no fees. However, there are some downsides too: potential buyers will see more than just one ad on their search, so make sure the furniture is in good condition. It's always best to ask before buying!

Donating furniture works well if there are specific charities that accept them or if it can be sold at a thrift store. This method has lower chances of finding buyers because the items will only show up on one search, but it is a lot easier to do. Ask first if they are in need or accept furniture donations.

3. Get creative!

Painting an old dresser with chalkboard paint, using an old door as a side table for plants, or put up shelves to display books are all great ways to repurpose old furniture items. Try to think of new ways to use furniture in the home - this will help save money and give the home a fresh look.

4. Consider moving large pieces of furniture into other rooms

To refresh the look of a home, switch furniture items from room to room. For example, moving a dresser from your bedroom to the living room.

Moving furniture allows a homeowner to change up the look of rooms and add interest in certain areas that might be lacking it! Just make sure they are functional for whatever room or space they will go into so nothing gets broken in transit.

5. Have a junk hauler take old furniture away

If none of the above are solutions are suitable, hire a junk hauler to take your old furniture away! A junk removal service will either dispose of it for recycling or donate it to someone who needs this type of item. Junk haulers often don't charge an arm and a leg so they remain affordable options!

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